Rules FAQ Advertising
1 . Arguing with the staff is forbidden!

2 . Before asking a question, look FAQ for information.

3 . Rude and improper behaviour in the posts or comments will lead to warning (). You'll get only one warning!

4 . Latin alphabet is mandatory for every English forum.

5 . Do not SPAM!!!

6 . Thread which is not in the right forum will be locked, right after being seen!

7 . Do not discuss anything except the torrent in the torrent's comments. All other comments will be deleted by the staff.

8 . Rasist behaviour is strictly prohibited and won't be tolerated!

9 . Do not cheat or you'll lose your account right away!

10 . Avatars should be at most 250x250 & 150KB. Avatars which are bigger, unappropriate or violate the rules of the tracker will be deleted.

11 . Uploading a torrent somewhere else which is downloaded from here is allowed under these circumstances:
- If the user's rating who will upload the torrent is higher than 1.
- Announce that the file is downloaded from here.

12 . Any attempt for advertising without the knowledge and permission of an administrator is forbidden!

13 . You have the right for only 1 account!

If you violate these rules you will be banned!!!